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Safeguarding water supplies

AQUA alarm continuous monitoring

Our mission is safeguarding water supplies. We focus on the water distribution networks.

We use sensors that we have developed ourselves. We also use other sensors and relevant data to improve our information outputs. Supported with softwares and machine learning our solutions will reduce hazards to health. Over time our information will also support operations and maintenance planning.

Threats to water qualityReferences and more details

Ensuring that our water is clean and safe to drink is a large priority in most of the world. Nevertheless, the method used to monitor the quality of our drinking water is far from optimal and several countries experience unsatisfactory water quality. Every day, water quality is monitored manually, all over the world. Samples are manually collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis, a process that is both inefficient and expensive.

20 years ago, the EU established a list of parameters that must be monitored in the drinking water. Because the list is not exhaustive, some pesticides, chemical compounds, and other toxins are currently not being identified when water quality is measured, and they will continue to go undetected until they cause a part of the population to fall ill. It is of the utmost importance for public health to find a method of monitoring that is not dependent on a list of parameters, but rather reacts to a broad spectrum of contaminants.


As the use of pesticides and medications in the farming industry is increasing, so is the need to find methods of detecting a broader spectrum of contaminants in drinking water.

New and improved pesticides for agricultural use are continuously developed and improved, and may evade current water testing regimes. When spraying the crops, pesticides are absorbed into the ground and transfered to the ground water.


The quantity of wastewater and sewage water from industry, humans and animals is rapidly increasing due to population growth, urbanization and economic development. 80% of global wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without any form of treatment, causing environmental problems from contamination as well as contaminating potential drinking water resources. Medications used by people and livestock can also eventually find their way into the ground water and are usually hard to detect.

Water terrorism

The possibility of water terrorism is present, and the distribution system is at risk. As long as there is a delay in water monitoring test results, there will always be openings for people who want to deliberately contaminate drinking water.

The list of toxins tested in drinking water is also publicly available in most countries, meaning that there is a high risk that deliberate contamination of drinking water will occur with unmonitored toxins.

Climate change

Climate changes such as severe draughts, storms, floods and other high impact weather events are a threat to both water quantity and quality. These changes have a large impact on the availability of clean water, water quality and the pathogen dynamics, causing new and unexpected contamination patterns in the water.

Our solutionMore about the technology

AQUA Alarm sensors provide real time broad spectrum detection of biological hazards in the water distribution network. The sensors are small enough to be placed at different points in the distribution systems, giving the possibility to trace contaminants downstream of any contamination point. The sensors can be supported with multiple other sensor or operational data streams. Our data science, machine learning systems and software solutions will provide information about relevant anomalies and support short and long term follow up.

Our company and values

Aqua Alarm is a technology development and production company. We aim to make technology that makes a real difference for people. We hope to contribute to a safer, cleaner world, both today and tomorrow. Our focus is to provide economically viable solutions that contributes to healthier and safer water for people and for the planet. We provide cheap, small and easy-to-use solutions, that fit in any distribution network. We aim to make our technology available to any water distributor or company.

caringWe care about people and our planet

Our main goal is to save lives by preventing waterborne disease outbreaks. Continuous knowledge about water quality is beneficial for both population health and the environment.

trustworthyWe are trustworthy

Our product provides a safe and easy way to monitor the quality of the water intended for human consumption. It is important for us to show and validate that we can be trusted with something as vital as drinking water quality. Being reliable, honest and trustworthy about water quality is the only way to ensure that consumers know that it is safe to drink their tap-water.

innovativeWe will continue to innovate

We know that all technology can be improved, and we strive to make our product better, smaller and cheaper, to increase the detection spectrum and provide more detailed information about contaminants. We will always keep pushing our technology forward.